Qualities of Good Salesperson

After a lot of research I came up with the following list of characteristics that seem to be consistent across good salespeople:

  1. Sincere: A good salesperson sincerely believes in the value of the product or service that he/she sells.
  2. Helpful: Some of the best salespeople that I have encountered have often dissuaded (that’s right… persuaded against…) a customer from buying their product/service. A good salesperson truly wants to help the customer, regardless of whether or not the customer is going to buy his product.
  3. Listener: This is perhaps the most counterintuitive quality – the media often projects a salesperson as a talkative, garrulous person who likes to hear himself/herself talk. In reality, the best salespeople let their customers talk while they listen….. and listen well.
  4. Questions: A successful salesperson listens and then asks a lot of questions: “what did you mean by….”, “what are your priorities….” etc.
  5. Relationship-focused: A good salesperson often builds a relationship of trust with the customer. Someone told me that a good sign of a healthy relationship is a salesperson getting invited to the customer’s child’s birthday!
  6. Continuously learns: Believe it or not, a good salesperson has the same approach to training as does Tiger Woods…. he/she continues to try to improve his/her skills…

One can come up with many more… this is a list that I came up with after a lot of research as well as review of my own experiences with great salespeople…

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