2011 New Year Career Resolution – Build a Moat

Merry Christmas everyone – it’s been a while since I have blogged.

It’s almost the beginning of 2011 and I am very excited about 2011. At 30 minutes past midnight on January 1 I will head to Miami for a mini-vacation – I will be staying at the luxurious Eden Roc Renaissance Miami for 3 nights and on January 3rd I will watch Stanford and Andrew Luck play in the Orange Bowl. I feel very thankful for a great 2010 and now I am getting ready for a fantastic 2011.  I have a plan to make 2011 fantastic from a career perspective, as I am a firm believer in the saying “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail”.

For 2011 I have one major theme – build a moat around me. A moat?


Here’s what I mean – I am going to focus on my strengths, get better at what I do and learn a few new skills. My skills represent my moat – to use a sports analogy, the skills represent both my defense as well as offense! To learn more about the moat analogy read this summary of an interview of Warren Buffet and Jay Z

To be specific here are my career-related resolutions for 2011:

– became a better salesperson (i.e., improve the key capabilities: prospecting, qualification, positioning, negotiation and closing)

– learn a key technical skill: mobile programming

These are the skills that I plan to improve and develop in order to widen the moat around me.

How do you plan to build and widen the moat around you?


3 Responses to “2011 New Year Career Resolution – Build a Moat”

  1. Indy Bains Says:

    Great resolutions for 2011 Shankar! We have to all constantly remind ourselves no matter how experienced in a field we become, that its essential to constantly invest in our skill set. I always remind myself that there is no ROI if you don’t make the investment!


    • Agreed, absolutely. The other part about goal setting is to write them down. I read somewhere about the principle of “committment and consistency” – apparently, when people write down their goals, they are more likely to meet the goals, because they feel a need to be consistent with their initial committment.

  2. Shank,

    Good to see you’re still working hard! Drop me an email sometime. I’m working on a mobile communications company as we speak.


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